HTML (Teletype) Element The content of a element is written in monospaced font (like that of a teletype machine). provides no semantic information about the text it encloses. It is purely used for text formatting purposes. is short for teletype, and instructs the browser to render the text similar to that produced by old-style teletype machines, which is understood to be a fixed-width (monospace) font.

HTML <acronym> Element. 

The <acronym> element allo<acronym> and closing </acronym> tags is an acronym. The title attribute on the opening <acronym> tag whose value is the full version of the acronym. For example, if you want to indicate that HTML as an acronym.
ws you to indicate that the text between opening


<acronym title='Hypertext Markup Language'>HTML</acronym> is an client side scripting language

HTML Output

HTML is an client side scripting language
When the user point on the HTML acronym they will get the full version of the HTML while point on it. If the acronym is in a different language, you can include an xml:lang attribute to indicate which language it is in.

HTML <dfn> Element.

The <dfn> element is used for special terms. The <dfn> element allows you to specify that you are introducing a special term. Its uses is to italicized the words to introduce new concepts. Most of the browsers render the <dfn> tag as italic font.


This site teaches you how to make websites using <dfn>HTML & CSS</dfn>

HTML Output

This site teaches you how to make websites using HTML & CSS
Above you can see the output the words HTML & CSS are italicized by <dfn> element.

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