Computer - Different Types of Computer

Different Types of Computer Computers are categorized in various types, there are different computers which are built for their different work, like if you are talking about super computer then that will be used for some specific purpose and if you are talking about analog computer that will also be used for different so computer's are categorized in different types like you can see below on the table.

Basis of Working Principle
Basis of Size of Computer
Basis of Models
Analog Computer
Super Computer
AT (Advance Technology)
Digital Computer
Mainframe Computer
XT (Extended Technology)
Hybrid Computer
Mini Computer
PS/2 (Personal Computer)

Micro Computer

On The Basis of Working Principle

Analog Computer

The computer which is work with natural phenomenon and physical values like frequency, earthquake, volcano, flow of water, speed of wind, weight, light etc, are known as analog computer. The analog computer is base on continuous data's and their output is also continuous in the form of graph. It is especially used for scientific work, medical or industrial field. 
  1. It works on Continuous data. It is measure natural or physical values. 
  2. It is not versatile machine. 
  3. It is Accurate than digital computer. 
  4. It is not General purpose computer. 
  5. It give it's output in form of graph or curve. 

Digital Computer

The digital computers are based on digital values. Example binary number system, The digital computer are based on two binary digit 0 or 1. 0 denoted by Off or 1 denoted by On, The digital computer works on the basis of discontinuous data. Digital computer works on the numerical problems of the business or scientific field. 
  1. It works on the basis of Discontinuous or discrete data. 
  2. It is based on principle 0 or 1. 
  3. It is general purpose computer. 
  4. It is versatile or 100% accurate. 
  5. It has very high storage capacity. 
  6. It has faster processing speed. 

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid means combination of two or more element. It is the combination of Analog Computer of Digital Computer. It can work on the physical or continuous data like analog computer or It can also work on the discontinuous or discreet values like digital computer. We cannot use it as a General Purpose computer.
  1. It works on continuous as well discontinuous value. 
  2. It converts the analog value to digital value or digital value in analog. 
  3. It is really very high cost.

On The Basis of Size of Computer

There are various computer in on the basis of size of computer 
  1. Super computer
  2. Mainframe computer
  3. Mini computer
  4. Micro computer

Super Computer

Multi-user multiprocessor large computer of very hight efficiency and storing capacity is called supercomputer able to solve very difficult and complex problem within a nanoseconds. A number RISC( Reduced Instruction's Set Seconds. Processor are used. Its word length is 64 bits.

Application of super computer
  1. Used to forecast the weather and global climates. 
  2. Used in military research and defense system. 
  3. In automobile, aircraft, and space craft designing. 
  4. In encrypting and decoding sensitive intelligence information. 
  5. Used in seismography, plasma and nuclear research. 
  6. Protein folding analysis 
  7. Study of DNA stricter and gene engineering. 
  8. Digital film rendering. 

Mainframe Computer

It is also very powerful multi-user computer used in larger business organizations. Examination department of examinations, industries and defense to process data of complex nature. It can response several hundred request very quickly. It uses several PU for data processing. More than 200 user can use at a time because it works on the basis of time sharing mode. It word length is 48 bit to 64 bits. IBM built the first mainframe computer system. 

Applications of mainframe computer
  1. Government and civilian 
  2. Banking account management 
  3. Credit card processing 
  4. Marketing 
  5. Business data processing in large organization 
  6. Air traffic control system 
  7. Industrial design. 

Mini Computer

  1. Minicomputers are larger and more powerful than most microcomputer but are smaller and less powerful than most large mainframe computer systems. 
  2. However this is not a precise destination. High end models of microcomputer systems are more powerful than some mid range computers high end models of mid range system are more powerful than some smaller models of mainframe computers. 
  3. It is also multi-user computer and supports more than dozens of people. 

Micro Computer 

  1. In 1976 the first Personal computer –Apple1, Apple Computer is designed. 
  2. In 1981 August, IBM was announced the IBM 5150 PC in New York. Now The Apple series of micro computers was developed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976. 
  3. This used 8-bit microprocessor chips. This Chip enabled them to put together a complete computer a keyboard for input, and processors in memory and screen all in small box. 
  4. Apple II is known as personal computer. 
  5. IBM PC and its compatible versions have largest share in PC Market. Most of the users of the world have IBM PC, But MACs Have its own users, mostly people interested in graphics works and publishing sectors.

Some latest on the basis of size are

  1. Desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. Palmtop

Desktop Computer

It is also known as PC because it is single user computer. It fits on normal size desk and is non-portable. It has more storage capacity and has many expansion slots. It is very user friendly and easy to use. It is used for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, database mgmt., playing games, surfing internet etc. Eg. General Computers found in offices, college, hospitals, shops, home etc.


These types of computers are also known as notebook computers. They are portable computers and are comfortable for the person in move. Instead of light weight they incorporate of all features of desktop computer. It consumes very less power and gets very less heated. It operates with AC or DC power. It doesn’t contain any expansion slots so it is very difficult to upgrade the system. It has very thin screen as it uses LED or LCD as VDU. Touchpad is used instead of mouse used in Desktop Computer and it has additional features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Palmtop Computer

It is also a portable type of computer. It is very small in size and fits on palm. It has CPU in a single chip is not very powerful. It has very less memory and features and uses flash memory instead of HDD. It is battery powered and operates with DC power. It doesn’t contain any expansion slots. As it accepts touch screen input, contains electronic writing pad and light-sensitive electronic pen. It is used for scheduling appointments, storing addresses, phone no., contacts, pictures etc and storing small type of data. Eg. Palm pilot, Zr-3500x, REX-PC, Sharp Zarus etc.

On the Basis of Model

  1. XT computers (Extra Technology): It cannot support GUI based operating systems Its processing speed is 4.77 M Hz and Intel 8080, 8086, 8088 series of microprocessors in used. 
  2. AT Computer (Advance Technology): It Supports GUI based operating systems. Its speed is 2 G hz and word length 64 bits. Its processors are Intel series of 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium I, Pentium II etc. 
  3. PS/2 Computer: It is laptop computer with rechargeable and battery based system It is operated with OS/2 Operating system.