Software Engineering - Project Management and Management Activities

Software Engineering - Project Management and Management Activities, Software Engineering - Project Management and Management Activities, Software Engineering - Project Management and Management Activities,

Project ManagementA project is a temporary endeavor task  under taken to provide a unique service. Project management is the way or discipline of carefully projecting a task and planning, organizing, controlling to achieve the particular goals.

A project is a sequence of activities that must be completed on time, within budget and according to specification.

A project is considered as a success of the resulting information system acceptable to the customer. The system is delivered on time. The system is delivered within budget. The system development process has minimal impact on ongoing business operations.

Without project management we could not even achieve our goals and we could not direct it to right path, we could not allocate resources etc..

The project is said to be failed if project manager failed to establish upper management commitment to the project. Lack of organization commitment to the system development method. Taking shortcuts through or around the system. The project gets behind schedule. The project is over budget. and if the project team is not trained and skillful.

  • Poor planning 
  • lack of quality standards 
  • lack of communication between end users and developers 
  • change in requirements 

Software Project Management 

It is concerned with activities involved in ensuring that software is delivered on time and on schedule and in accordance with the requirements of the organization developing and procuring the software. 

The project management is needed because software development is always subject  to budget and schedule constraints that are est by the organization developing the software. 

Software Management Distinctions

 Software engineering is different from other types of engineering in a no. of ways these distinctions make software management particularly difficult. Some of the differences are

  • The software product is intangible we cannot see the progress of software product. 
  • The product is uniquely flexible.
  • Many software projects are 'one-off' projects. Rapid technology changes in computers and communication can managers a manager's experience obsolete.

Management Activities 

  1. Proposal writing 
  2. Project planning and scheduling 
  3. Project monitoring and reviews 
  4. Personal selection and evaluation
  5. Report writing and presentation. 

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