CD-R, CD-RW, DVD - Digital Versatile Disk

CD-R - Compact Disk Recordable Digital Versatile Disk, DVD Compact Disk Rewritable Compact Disk Recordable CD-R, CD-RW, DVD - Digital Versatile Disk CD-R, CD-RW, DVD - Digital Versatile Disk


CD-R stands for 'Compact Disk Recordable' and initially it is a blank disk. Unlike CD-ROM, it can be written only once with the laser beam by using a special device called CD-Writer. So, it is also, called WORM(Write Once Read Many) optical memory device. After it is written, it cannot be erased or modified. So, it is very useful for storage of large volume of data and file permanently.


CD-RW stands for 'Compact Disk Rewritable'. As the name suggests, it can be erased and written many times like magnetic disk. It also needs a special device called CD-Writer to write into it. So, the main advantage of CD-RW is that it can be erased and re-written.


DVD stands for 'Digital Versatile Disk' or 'Digital Video Disk'. It is also a type of optical memory device which has a very large storage capacity. It is also considered as the improved form of CD-ROM. So, DVD also uses the same technology as a CD-ROM for reading and writing data. DVD delivers movies with impressive picture quality and it can be randomly accessed like audio CDs by a DVD drive or DVD player. Because of its huge storage capacity and vivid picture quality, movies, PC games, educational software, encyclopedia etc. are being stored and distracted to a large number of people nowadays.

It is also available in the form of DVD-ROM, DVDR and DVDRW.

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