Advantages and Disadvantages of Networking

Advantages and Disadvantages of Networking, what is networking and why networking used, Advantages and Disadvantages of Networking,

Networking is interconnection between two or more computer (nodes or hosts) etc... There are lots of advantages of networking and some disadvantage of networking too. 

Advantages of Networking

Sharing of Information

The ability to share data and information to users or computer connected to computer network. i.e you can send email through network. 

Sharing of Resources

By using networking you can share your hardware and software resources in an organization and any where. 

It is possible to share resources like files, folders, and hardware (i.e printers as network printers). Which can be shared and used between multiple users at the same time as well as single file can  be shared between multiple users. 

Centralized Control

Network administrator can perform administrative tasks on any computer on the network from a single location. Also it is more efficient for personnel to support one version of OS or application that to oversee a number of individual and unique system and steps. 

Backup and Recovery

Generally the server is placed in a secure place and good mechanism is providing for backup of data. If the data is lost accidentally or due to any other reason in clients. then it is possible to restore them from the server. 

Disadvantages of Networking

Data security

We are using networking for data communication, then it is not possible to make our data secure, i.e threats, sometimes the data between communication is hacked by third party. 

Require manpower

Special kind of skilled manpower is required for maintaining the networking and installing and also for configuration

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