What is WordPress ? Why WordPress is Good? : WordPress

What is WordPress ? Why WordPress is Good? : WordPress, What is WordPress? What are the good features of WordPress? Why to choose wordpress for blogging

What is WordPress ? Why WordPress is Good? : WordPressWordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

Yes, like they said WordPress is free. And WordPress allows make beautiful websites and blogs by fully customizing with our choices. On the WordPress theme gallery, there are more than thousand of themes. They also provide thousand of plugins to customize our web or blog.

On the web mostly WordPress is used to develop for blog sites. Why they using WordPress? Aren't your mind think about it ? Aren't you think which service I choose to make own blog among WordPress or Blogger services? Yes, you thought that. Here some information for you.... and after read that information you can decide Which is good.


On blogger, you are not your blog's real owner. But you can make posts and have administrator privileges of your blog. Remember: your blog run on google's server and that's why you aren't the real owner of the blog.
On WordPress, you host your blog or site on which space you buy from hosting company. If you want to continue to maintain your site, you can pay and continue. When you doesn't want to maintain site you can contact the hosting company and stop your site or delete it from the host.


On blogger Google company take responsibility of your blogger. To do that they have a high security system.

On WordPress when you host your site or blog self-hosting you need to take care of security. But don't worry there are some WordPress plugins do that for you.


On blogger, there are more blogger themes and gadgets to control blog. You can customize colors,sizes and places where they appeared. But you had a limit. Definitely, you can understand what I said by trying to customize blogger site.
On WordPress, if you know, you can edit WordPress core files. You can fully customize and make more beautiful and attractive.


On blogger when you need to moving site or blog to another platform you must take responsibility for losing readers, SEO, and the probability of making broken links. On WordPress, you can move site to another host without or less moving problems. 


On blogger there community support team (forum) is small.
On WordPress there is a huge forum at www.wordpress.org/support and very actively.

Now you can decide which service I chose to launch your future web or blog. Next post we discuss 'Installing WordPress on hosting'.

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