Web Hosting Environments - FTP Client, Web Browser, Email Client, Database Administration Client

These all are also most important components for web hosting environment... we have already published first part of web hosting environment components those are web servers and others

Web Browser

When viewing the web you use a web browser like Internet Explorer. Many web hosting companies provide a 'Control Panel' to administer your web host account, which you use with your web browser. Most allow you to configure most aspects of your account using a simple web browser.

Web site/page editor

Today many web servers allow editing of WebPages over HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) based on Microsoft FrontPage technology. These special editors allow you to essentially look at your web site as if you were using a web  browser and edit the pages directly as you see them using WYSWYG (What you see is what you get) technology. Most web hosting environments support this, and if you are starting out, make sure it is available.

FTP Client

This is a very simple piece of software that allows you to view the server folders and files in your web host account as if they were files and folders on your own computer. You can then drag and drop files between you computer and your web host account.

Email Client

If you are on the internet you would already be using an email client to send and receive your email. The most common are Outlook Express, Eudora and Web based mail clients like Hotmail.

Database Administration Client

The most common databases used with web servers are Microsoft SQL Server (available only on Windows) and MySQL (commonly found on Linux and UNIX but also available on Windows). SQL Server comes with its own administration client where you can view your databases, edit them, backup data and do all the administration functions you need. MySQL has an active online community where there is a range of administration clients available.

While choosing a web host, You need to define what it is you require: how much space you need and what features and facilities you need.