Web Hosting Environments - Web Server, FTP Server, Database Server

Web Hosting Environments - Web Server, FTP Server, Database Server, what is web server, what is ftp server, what is database server, Web Hosting Environments - Web Server, FTP Server, Database Server

These all are the component of web-hosting environment. These all hardware are required for web hosting. 

So you need to know about these all and what they are... 

Web Server

The web server is a relatively simple piece of software that accepts requests over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and delivers HTML pages and Image 

FTP Server

FTP is the means of which a web master can transfer files to and from the server. To put your HTML and image files on a server you will generally use. FTP to upload (transfer to) your files to the server running the web server. 
Mail Server
The mail server consists of two parts POP (Post Office Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). POP is where email is received into your mailbox and SMTP is what is used to send and receive email between mail servers.

Database Server

If you are using server side scripting on your web server (you use something like Microsoft Internet Information Server) then instead of providing 'static' data only on web pages you can provide data from a database allowing your users to search and view the data in different and dynamic way. Also, a Database server is used to gather data from visitors to your site; orders, feedback, discussions and the like.
Each one of the above components is software programs running on servers in the web - hosting environment. You can interact with each of  these with special software programs you use on your computer. 

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