Microsoft Disk Operating System - MS-DOS

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Introduction to MS-DOS

Microsoft Disk Operating System ( MS-DOS) is command user interface (CUI ) based operating system. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1981 for for microcomputers.

MS-DOS is single-tasking, single user operating system with a command user interface. We need to type commands in DOS prompt to perform any task in the computer. The command is converted into machine level language from human understandable form.We obtain the result in human understandable form.

Microsoft Disk Operating System - MS-DOS

MS-DOS has different versions such as DOS version 1, version 2, etc. The latest version of DOS id Version 6,22,

MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System. It is popular operating system software designed by Microsoft corporation. Which is designed for the users of IBM and It's compatible computers.

Tim Paterson is an American computer programmer, he is known as original author of MS-DOS. This is widely used in 1980s, personal computers.

Features of MS-DOS

1. It provides the command User Interface( CUI ).
2. It manages files in hierarchical order.
3. It supports hard disk, floppy disk and compact disk.
4. It is single user and single task operating system.

Some Terms used in DOS 


The process of loading files into the computer's memory from disk is called booting. It is the process of making the computer to work and gets start when the computer is turned on. There are two types of booting: i. Warm Booting ii. Cold Booting


The instruction given to the computer to perform specific task or function is called command. They are categorized into i. Internal Command ii. External Command 


A file is the systematic collection of related information or instructions. Different files are given different names to identify it called File name. File name is categorized into two type: i. Name ii. Extension . In the file name mobi.jpg , mobi is name whereas .jpg id extension.


Directories are the main heading of the DOS cabinet. where all the files are stored or kept. It is the specially partitioned drive (space) of the memory. Where we can maintain may directories on same disk.

Rules for writing Filename in MS-DOS

1. The name and extension are separated by . sign.
2. Name can be 8 character long and extension up to 3 .
3. Only alphanumeric characters are used in file name.
4. Space, Comas. colon can't be used in filename.

Open DOS Prompt on Windows.

  • Windows+R=RUN.
  • Type CMD or COMMAND. 
  • Hit Enter or Ok.

DOS Commands.

Command is a set of instruction which are used to perform some specific task. There are two types of DOS commands 1. Internal Command. 2. External Command.

Internal Commands.Those are internal commands which can easily understand by an interpreter file COMMAND.COM. Internal commands executes faster because they are build in DOS.

External Commands.Those are external commands which are stored on the disk as program file. External commands are executes slower because they have to read before execution.

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