What is Client /Server Model?

Client /Server Model 

Client /Server Model are the basic idea where a host machine can act as either a client or a server. Client/server interactions underline all communication on the internet and the model is a standard for network – oriented computing

Client /Server Model


Client is known as the hot machine and client will send request for the data and information to server. Multiple clients can access one particular server to request a particular data. In client/server interaction, client software interacts with the server software so that both the client’s host machine and server’s host machine share the total computing load. Clients and servers are designed to form a seamless computing environment.


Server is known as the request responder, it will send the requested information to the client machine. The server will use the specific type of secured operation system like Linux and windows servers to protect from unauthorized access.

The Advantage of Client Server Network

  1. Centralized 
  2. Proper Management
  3. Back-up and recovery possible
  4. Accessibility 
  5. Security 
  6. Cost reduction and Revenue
Client Server Architecture