5 Different Models in Client and Server

5 Different Models in Client and Server,

Client: Client is known as the host machine and client will send request for the data and information to server. Multiple clients can access one particular server to request a particular data. In client/server interaction, client software interacts with the server software so that both the client’s host machine and server’s host machine share the total computing load. Clients and servers are designed to form a seamless computing environment.

Server: Server is known as the request responder, it will send the requested information to the client machine. The server will use the specific type of secured operation system like Linux and windows servers to protect from unauthorized access.

Distributed Presentation

Distributed Presentation the server will have application logic and end user to display the check the data. The logical part is used to check the correct resource or not. In Distributed presentation model the server will have display system or host. And the thing is the client will also have the host machine or display device to check the responded data.

This is one of the oldest models of client server.

Remote Presentation

In the remote presentation, the server can only have application logic to maintain the data storage in the server. In server side, this will not have end user to check data and response data.

Distributed Logic

In distributed logic the server and client both are having a logical system to request and response data with a set of rules. This model is also not preferred because this will consume more time to response. The server will only take storage responsibility; the client doesn’t have any storage responsibility. Client computer has display system.

Remote Data

In remote data, it will only have a place for data storage. Here client machine will have application logic and now here client will verify the data is correct or not by end user display.

Distributed Data

the distributed data model is one of the most popular model used currently. The Distributed data means the client and server both can have data storage system for better security. And the server will have application to verify the data. And end user will verify.

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