Networking Terms and Advantages and Disadvantages of Networking

Communication and Networking

Simplex: - In this simplex communication and direction, the signal or data flows in only one direction. An example of a simplex communication is Radio, Television. 

Duplex: - In this Duplex communication and directions signal or data flows in both directions. An example of a duplex communications is Telephone, The Internet.

Half-Duplex: - In this Half Duplex communication and direction signal or data flows in both directions. Only one data flow in one at a time.

What is Computer Network?

A computer network is an interconnection between two or more computer or the autonomous computer is called the computer network.

Advantage of computer network
Networking Terms and Advantages and Disadvantages of Networking a. Sharing of resources Today organizations are equipped with computer interconnected together forming a computer network.

With the use of networking, the information and data are shared easily between the computers in a one branch of another branch. We can easily share computer printer and importance data's importance hardware parts also share.

b. CommunicationThe computer network provides a basis for the communication. With computer network can send and receive the message from one user to another user in the network instantly. Specially messaging software can be used.

c. Backup and recoveryThe computer network can provide a reliable mechanism to store data. If the same data stored redundantly in a different computer, then in the event of failure, the data, and programs in another computer in the network can be used.

d. Centralized controlThe computer network consists of the autonomous computer. There all computer's are linked between servers. Server is a most powerful computer server provides link, data, and DNS service, web service or etc. These are controlled by centralized control.

e. ScalableIn a computer networking and communication computers can be easily added or removed without disturbing the whole network functionality. If we are added or remove one computer there the whole network is not interrupted.

f. More storage capacity As there are a lot of computer's are communicate and each computer can share files the entire computer. So that the computer network has huge storage capacity.

Disadvantage of Computer Network
SecurityOne of the major problems of the computer network is security. When a computer is not connected to the network one has to get to the computer physically to steal data. We cannot protect you computer the hacker stole the most importance data.

Rapid spread of virus In a network if any one computer infected by a computer virus, there is all connected computer are infected that virus.

Expensive setup To set up a computer network the initial setup may cost high depending on the number of computers to be connected. For the creation of a computer network some extra device are required so that it more expensive

Requires technical manpowerTo operate and maintain the computer network special skilled or trained manpower is needed. But we have not manpower of computer network we can't manage the computer network.
Dependency on server In a computer network where different services like file service, web service etc. are provided through servers. And if any of the servers is stopped because of some kind of failure then the user will not get that service.

Type of Network

There are three types of Computer Network.

Local Area Network (LAN) LAN stand for Local Area Network it covered a small area. LANs are limited to a building, house, small organization etc or a geographical area expanding not more that few kilometers. LANs are widely used for connecting personal computers and server in an organization to share the sources and exchange information. LAN has high-speed data transfer in the order of gigabit per second. LANs are the different form such as wired and wireless. We can easily maintain it.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) When the computer network increase beyond local area network is called Metropolitan Area Network. A MAN can connect multiple LANs. It is larger than LANs and Smaller than WANs. MANs are Interconnection between different type's communication media It is less secure than LANs. There is a high chance of data leakage of proper security measures. It is not easy to maintain than LAN.

Wide Area Network (WAN) A wide area network is even a larger form of the network than MAN. The WAN expands beyond cities and converses the national and international location. The WAN is a communication network that makes use of existing technology. To connect local computer networks into a huge network ever converting the glob. WAN is the collection of an LANs, MANs It is the mixed type of Network. It is not easy to maintaining.

Transmission Media

In a computer network, the computer are connected through some type of transmission media. The transmission media help to transfer data to and from the computers. The transmission media also connects and transfer data from device in a computer network.

1. Guided Media (through wires) for example copper pair, coaxial cable, optical fibers etc.
2. Unguided Media (Wireless), for example, radio, frequency (RF), microwave, satellite etc.