What is a Computer and What are the Different Characteristics of Computer

What is a Computer and What are the Different Characteristics of Computer, What is a Computer and What are the Different Characteristics of Computer

In general terms, a computer is an electronic device used to process data, converting the data into information that is useful to people. A complete computer system consists of four parts: hardware, software, people, and data. 
 Computer and What are the Different Characteristics of Computer
The mechanical devices that make up the computer are hardware. In other words, the hardware is any part of the computer that you can touch. Hardware consists of interconnected electronic devices that you can use to control the computer’s operation, input, and output.

The software is a set of electronic instructions consisting of complex codes (also known as programs) that make the computer perform tasks. In other words, software tells the computer what to do. 

The people are the computer operators, also known as users. And data consist of new facts, which the computer stores and reads in the form of numbers. The computer manipulates data according to the instructions contained in the software and then forwards it for the use of the people or another computer.
Computers are typically characterized by the software that they run, how fast they run and the amount of memory that they contain.

The computer i.e. hardware has many parts, but the critical components fall into one of the four categories: a. processor, b. memory, c. input and output devices and d. storage. Processor: the procedure that transforms raw data into useful information is called processing, to perform this transformation, the computer uses two components: the processor and memory. 

The processor is like the brain of the computer in the way that it organizes and carries out instructions that come with either the user or the software. The processor houses the central processing unit (CPU) that performs the instructions. The processor or microprocessor normally contains additional hardware that supports the CPU. It is where the most of the computation takes places. In terms of the computing power, it is the most important part of the computer. In general, the faster the CPU, the faster the computer. 

A CPU is distinguished by three characteristics:
  • Its speed (called the clock speed)
  • Its instruction set
  • Bandwidth (the amount of information it can manipulate at one time).
A CPU’s clock speed determines how many instructions per second that it can execute. Clock speed is given in megahertz (MHz), a unit that refers to one million cycles per second, where a cycle is the smallest unit of time recognized by the computer’s internal clock. A CPU running at 800 MHz goes through 800 million processing cycles in one second. CPU’s speed may also be measured in terms of MIPS (1 MIPS = 1 million instructions per second) although this measure is less meaningful because different instructions require a different number of cycles. 

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