Define Data Mart, OLTP and OLAP - Client Server Computing

Data Mart

  • A data mart is the access layer of the data warehouse environment that is used to get data out to the users. 
  • The data mart is a subset of the data warehouse that is usually oriented to the specific business line or team. 
  • Data marts are small slices of the data warehouse. Data mart consider about the single department or business unit.

OLTP (Online Transaction Process)

  • OLTP is characterized by a large number of short online transactions i.e Insert, Update, and Delete. 
  • The main purpose of OLTP system is for fast query processing, maintaining data integrity in multi-access environments and effectiveness measured by a number of transactions per seconds.
  • In OLTP database, there is detailed and current data and schema used to store transactional database is the entity model (usually 3NF).

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)

  • OLAP is characterized by a relatively low volume of transactions. Query are often very complex and involve aggregation. 
  • For OLAP system, a response time is an effective measure. OLAP application is widely used by Data Mining techniques.
  • In OLAP database, there is aggregated, historical data stored in multi-dimensional schemas.