Components of Computer Security

The computer security has some basic components which have to be maintained while performing the computer security, network security, and internet security.

There are three components of Computer security. 

#1 - Confidentiality 

Confidentiality is the process of keeping data and information secret and hidden from threats. It has ethical principal or right to make that information and data confidential. Data and Information needs to be hidden because if hacker found your confidential information then that cause huge loss.

#2 - Integrity

Integrity is the process protecting data and information from being modified by unknown and unauthorized parties. It is an essential component because if the information is modified then that will also cause huge loss.

#3 - Availability 

Availability is the process of ensuring that access given was authorized or not. It requires because if by mistake authorized access to the unknown person that can cause you loss of data and information along with theft and hacking.